Dental Implants

Losing a tooth can leave you with an incomplete smile, dental misalignment, and lower self-esteem.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that replace missing teeth from top to bottom, restoring your bite and boosting your confidence.

At Perfect Smiles California in Chula Vista, CA, we can walk you through the benefits of implant treatment.

What Are Dental Implants? The Basics of This Tooth Replacement Option

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that support restorations such as crownsbridges, and dentures.

An implant-supported restoration consists of three parts:

  1. The implant that is surgically embedded into the jawbone
  2. A connector piece called an abutment
  3. The implant restoration that fills the tooth gap

How We Approach Implant Dentistry What Sets Us Apart from Other San Diego County Dental Practices

Dental implants are the closest thing to having your own natural teeth. Dr. Garate provides a breakdown of the treatment process, including the placement of biocompatible implant posts and the use of state-of-the-art technology in the diagnostic and planning processes.

We welcome patients from National City and throughout San Diego County.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

While dental implants' cost varies from patient to patient, our team is happy to provide baseline prices for treatment at our Chula Vista office:

Implant, Crown, and Abutment $1,500
Implant, Crown, and Custom Abutment $2,000
Surgical Guide $750
Package Deal Implant (All Parts Included)  $3,750

While our costs may seem higher compared to other dental care providers, we go above and beyond to ensure the safety and success of your treatment.

Perfect Smiles California Other Dentists
Latest Technology
3D Planning
Materials American Imported

Factors That Affect Treatment Cost Why Implants May Cost More for Some Patients

Number of Missing Teeth

The more teeth you are missing, the more dental implants you will need. While treatment for a single missing tooth should cost you $3,750 or less, full-arch treatment is more expensive.

Condition of Your Smile

If you need preparatory dental treatments such as a bone graft or sinus lift to qualify for dental implants, these procedures will add to the final cost of your implant treatment.

Paying for Dental Implant Treatment Dental Insurance and Financing Information

If your insurance plan covers any phase of dental implant treatment, our team is happy to work with your provider to maximize coverage.

For patients who qualify, financing options are available. Our Chula Vista office accepts CareCredit®, Wells Fargo, LendingClub, and Sunbit. Financing allows patients to pay for treatment over a series of installments, making it easy to budget for implants.

A Worthwhile Investment in Your Dental Health

Dental implant surgery may seem like an expensive procedure at first but the long-term benefits can save you much more money over time by reducing the amount of corrective dental work you may need in the future. Because they can give you a strong and secure bite, dental implants provide an excellent return on your investment.

Learn More About Our Treatment Options Request a Consultation at Our Chula Vista Dental Office

The best way to learn how we can help your smile is through a consultation. Your dentist will review your unique needs, discuss your dentistry options, and answer any questions you have about dental implants. We provide dental care to patients from National City and the greater San Diego area from our office in Chula Vista, CA. To set up your consultation, contact us or call: 

(619) 656-4199

Hear From a Real Dental Patient Kind Words from a San Diego County Patient

"Excellent service team. I feel very comfortable with this dental clinic. Highly recommended to all who need dental care. Special mention to Elizabeth, who did my cleaning and was very gentle. Everyone is friendly. Dr. GARATE is the best dentist, my implant was painless." Angeline

Do You Qualify for Dental Implants?

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Patients Who Are Good Candidates for Implant Dentistry:

Are in Good Health

  • Patients must be healthy enough for surgery. Patients also need good oral health. If needed, we can provide treatments for gum disease or tooth decay prior to implant placement. 

Don't Smoke

  • Smoking impacts the body's ability to heal and increases the risk of implant failure. Current smokers must quit at least several weeks prior to surgery and ideally break the habit for good. 

Have a Strong Jaw

  • Implants rely on your jawbone for support, so candidates must have sufficient bone density to qualify for treatment. Bone grafts and sinus lifts can help restore lost bone tissue. 

Your dentist will determine if you are a good candidate for implants during a consultation at our Chula Vista office serving National City and communities throughout San Diego.

Not a Candidate for Implants? Ask About a Bone Graft Surgery

Having low jawbone density is a common disqualifying factor for dental implants. But it doesn't mean you can't still receive treatment.

A bone graft can increase bone density and volume by filling weakened areas of the jawbone with grafting material. This creates a strong foundation for the dental implants to fuse with. If you lack sufficient tissue in your upper jawbone to safely accommodate implant placement, a sinus lift can elevate the sinus floor with the addition of grafting material. 

Our doctors can perform both procedures and incorporate them as part of your personalized dental implant treatment plan. 

Grafting material is placed in the area of bone loss. This oral surgery procedure enhances volume and density in the area, allowing patients with significant bone loss to qualify for dental implants.

Cost of Preparatory Implant Treatments

Preparatory dentistry procedures such as bone grafting raise the cost of treatment, but can ensure a long-lasting outcome.

Bone Graft $799
Guided Bone Regeneration $1,200
Sinus Lift $1,200

Don't Let Compromised Jaw Tissue Stop You Discuss Your Options at Our Chula Vista Dentistry Practice

Undergoing a bone graft or sinus lift before implant surgery can be a lengthy process, but the end benefits can last a lifetime. If you live with a weakened jawbone and shifting teeth, you'll be astounded by your biting strength after healing from your treatments. Next to having all of your natural teeth, there is no better option than implants for keeping a strong jaw. 

Our dentists are happy to discuss bone grafts and determine if you need the procedure to prepare for implants. Request a consultation or call us today. 

(619) 656-4199

Another Patient Shares Her Positive Experience Exceptional Dentistry in San Diego County

"I have recommended Perfect Smiles to family and friends and will continue to do it. I have been coming to Perfect Smiles for my dental care for about 5 years and always received friendly and professional service! Thank you Dr. Falcon for taking care of my dental health!" Rocio

A New Smile Tailored to Your Needs Advanced Options for Full-Arch Dentures

We Offer All-on-4
Dental Implants

If you've lost most or all of your teeth and have jawbone atrophy, All-on-4® implant-supported dentures might be for you.

All-on-4 restores an entire dental arch using just four implants placed at strategic angles. The All-on-4 technique maximizes contact with available bone tissue, allowing many patients with bone recession to qualify for treatment without bone grafting. Patients can regain the ability to chew, speak, and smile with confidence, often after just one visit. 

Contact us to learn more about why so many of our National City, Chula Vista, ​and San Diego patients choose this technique. 

All-on-6 Offers
Extra Security

Where All-on-4 dentures are a great option for many patients, All-on-6 may be better for some. This dental procedure is similar to the All-on-4 technique, but uses six implants per arch instead of four. Using two more implants can give your dentures a more balanced bite force and can help keep your jawbone strong, but may not be right for some patients with bone atrophy.

Whether you should choose six or four implants depends on many factors, such as jawbone density and your oral health goals. Our dentists can review all your options with you and help select the style of dentures that makes the most sense for you. 

What to Expect During Your Implant Treatment

The Implant Dentistry Procedure A Step-by-Step Overview

Completing your dental implant treatment can take several months.
Completing your dental implant treatment can take several months.


During your consultation at our Chula Vista, CA, office, our dentists will examine your smile, discuss your treatment options, and educate you about the benefits of keeping a full dentition.


If you decide that dental implants are the right choice, we will begin by taking 3D scans of your smile and planning your treatment. If you need a bone graft, sinus lift, or any treatment prior to your implant surgery, our dentists can provide the dental care you need at our office.


Once you are in good oral and overall health, we will schedule your dental implant placement. The length of your surgery will depend on how many implants are being placed. During the surgery, one of our dentists will create incisions in the gums, place the implant posts in the jawbone, and suture the gums back together. 


While the initial healing period only lasts a few weeks, it can take several months to fully recover from your dental implant surgery. We offer emergency dentistry, so we are always available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise during your recovery. You may wear a temporary restoration during this time to maintain your appearance.

Final Restoration

In the four to six months following your surgery, your implants will fuse with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration. Once osseointegration is complete, you will return to our office to receive your abutments. Then, you will receive your final crown, bridge, or denture. Our dentists will ensure proper fit and feel before sending you home to enjoy your new smile. You can care for your implant-supported restoration the same way you would care for your natural teeth.

Is the Dental Implant Process Painful?

Our dentists use advanced 3D technology to plan every dental implant surgery at our Chula Vista, CA, office. This allows for minimally invasive techniques and a quicker, more comfortable treatment and recovery.

To help you feel at ease, we are happy to show you real-life videos of patients who have received implants with our team. This is an important step so that you can feel educated and confident that you are in the very best hands for your restorative care.

Dr. Garate treating a patient

Do Dental Implants Have Any Risks? The Potential for Complications and Implant Failure

Getting dental implants involves some risks that can be minimized when you choose the right provider.

After any surgery, there is a chance that the treatment site can become infected. You will be given a prescription to prevent infection during the healing process. Some swelling and bruising will occur after the procedure, along with bleeding. However, these will subside with proper aftercare.

We Reduce the Risks of Treatment with Technology and Attentive Aftercare

Our dentists have extensive training and experience, greatly reducing the chances of a complication. Our advanced technology allows our team to accurately assess your candidacy before recommending this treatment.

Our Chula Vista practice will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your oral health after your dental implant placement, and we will monitor your recovery during follow-up visits.

Are Dental Implants Hard to Maintain?


One of the many benefits of dental implants is that they're easy to maintain. After your titanium implants fuse with the bone tissue in your jaw, you care for them just like you care for your natural teeth. No additional steps are needed to enjoy your enhanced smile. 

Learn More About Implant Aftercare Contact Our Chula Vista Dental Office

Good oral hygiene and regular check-ups will help ensure your dental implants last a lifetime. If you have any issues after getting your implants or questions about proper care and maintenance, you can count on the team at Perfect Smiles California. To set up a consultation or get more information on implant dentistry, contact our Chula Vista dental office.

(619) 656-4199

We Help Dental Implant Patients Feel at Ease By Making the Implant Process Easy from Start to Finish

"This is truly the BEST dentist I have ever been to! All of the staff are extremely friendly and really make you feel welcome. I needed a dental implant and was extremely nervous about it. Dr Garate made me feel very comfortable and even went out of his way to show me other patients' testimonials after their procedures. It really made me feel even more comfortable about having the procedure done." Liane

Dental Implant FAQ

Will my implant restorations look natural?

Yes, your new teeth will look just like a natural set of teeth. We partner with an advanced dental lab that uses durable yet realistic materials to create custom restorations. Our dentists can discuss the process in more detail during a dental implant consultation, but rest assured that you will have a beautiful smile with stable replacement teeth.

What are the chances of implant failure?

Dental implants have high success rates overall, but there is a chance of implant failure if you do not practice good oral hygiene and follow our aftercare instructions. The biggest dangers to your implants are periodontal disease and peri-implantitis. Both conditions involve inflammation of the gum tissue that puts the viability of an implant at risk. If you notice changes in the color of your gums, bleeding gums, or swelling of the gums, visit Perfect Smiles California as soon as possible.

Is All-on-4 better than traditional implant-supported dentures?

Not necessarily. Different patients have different needs, and some may benefit from the All-on-4 method rather than the traditional implant surgical procedure. If you are missing most or all of your teeth, we can review your implant dentistry options as part of the consultation process.

Will I need some teeth extracted to accommodate an implant?

When possible, our dentists in Chula Vista will maintain as much healthy tooth structure as possible, planning the implant placement around these natural teeth. However, we may recommend tooth extraction if it's better for the patient to have an implant-supported restoration instead.

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