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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth eruption can mean jaw pain, gum inflammation, and other negative oral health problems for some patients. 

Wisdom teeth extraction can prevent problems from worsening and stop these painful symptoms right away.

Dr. David Garate and his team in Chula Vista, CA, stay on top of the latest technology trends to effectively remove wisdom teeth.

Why Do I Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom tooth extraction is performed when there isn’t space for the third molars (otherwise known as the wisdom teeth) to erupt from the gums properly, resulting in an impacted wisdom tooth. Without extraction, these rear teeth can cause pain and a host of other dental problems now or in the future.

Though not everyone will need to have their wisdom teeth removed, many do undergo this procedure in their teens or early twenties. Having problem wisdom teeth removed, even before they cause problems, can help keep your smile healthy and straight and prevent complications in the years to come.

Dr. David Garate and Dr. Myriam V. Falcon at Perfect Smiles California have a combined 40 years of dentistry experience and offer patients in Chula Vista, National City, and throughout San Diego the latest in advanced technology when dealing with wisdom teeth. Whether an impacted tooth is causing you pain now or you want to avoid future complications, they have the skills and technology to preserve your dental health.

Prevent Extensive Oral Health Problems With Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth that are impacted or cause crowding can affect your bite and create pockets that trap food particles, leading to decay or even infection.  Among the problems wisdom teeth can cause, include:

  • Misalignment
  • Decay
  • Unbalanced Bite
  • Impaction
  • Abscesses

Treating Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Dr. Garate can provide wisdom tooth extraction if your third molars are impacted. Often, wisdom teeth do not erupt properly, which can cause pain, misalignment, and other issues. Following extraction, Dr. Garate will provide guidance to help you have a fast and comfortable recovery.

Step-by-Step Process of Wisdom Tooth  Removal

Wisdom teeth don't always arrive when it's convenient for your budget. We offer flexible financing so you don't have to delay dental care.

Day of Procedure

Wisdom teeth don't always arrive when it's convenient for your budget. We offer flexible financing so you don't have to delay dental care.

Request a Consultation

Request a consultation to see if wisdom teeth extraction is right for you. Has another dentist or oral surgeon suggested this procedure, but you are not convinced it is necessary? We'll offer an honest and unbiased second opinion for free. Our dentists can assess your mouth, including wisdom teeth that have not erupted, using advanced 3D imaging technology. This can determine if your wisdom teeth may cause problems in the future.

Undergo Surgery

Dr. Garate and his team perform gentle extraction using the latest techniques and technology in dental care. After the tooth is extracted, the dentist will close the extraction site with dissolvable sutures and apply gauze to aid in blood clot formation.

Recover at Home

Wisdom teeth extraction is typically an outpatient procedure and our dentist will provide you with aftercare tips to promote healing and deal with discomfort. Aftercare tips are important for preventing problems, like a dry socket, which occurs when a blood clot fails to form or gets dislodged. Cleaning the treatment area carefully, not drinking from a straw, and eating soft foods can avoid the problems associated with dry socket.

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Elijah Mouse

Chula Vista, CA


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The warm and welcoming reception, their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to patient education are outstanding. They explained each step of each procedure, and offered valuable guidance for maintaining oral hygiene. The clinic's cleanliness and the team's genuine kindness, created a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that significantly reduced my dental anxiety.

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chris warnke

Chula Vista, CA


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I came in for a lost filling and 2 years later i am getting my braces off! Drs Garate and Falcon made me feel very comfortable, the staff is fantastic and my teeth are fixed and now straight for the first time in my life. I highly recommend then to make the ever scary dental visit less scary and far more pleasant. 5 stars for the Drs and staff!

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