Wisdom Teeth Removal In Chula Vista, CA

At Perfect Smiles California, our skilled surgical team provides gentle and effective wisdom tooth extractions for our patients near Chula Vista, CA, Bonita, and Rancho Del Ray. Dr. Garate utilizes the latest dental tools and 3D imaging technology to ensure that your wisdom teeth removal is simple and stress-free!  Whether you need an emergency dental appointment for a wisdom tooth extraction or your just looking for a 2nd opinion, we're standing by ready to help!

Why Do I Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Though not every person is, or will be, in need of wisdom teeth removal, many do undergo this procedure in their teens or early twenties. This special type of extraction is performed when there isn’t space for the third molars (otherwise known as the wisdom teeth) to properly erupt from the gums.

When this happens, these rear teeth emerge at an angle which could cause pain and a host of other dental problems in the future. It can also affect your bite, create an area where food particles get caught, and even cause decay or even an infection.

With specialized imaging technology, Dr. Garate can determine if your wisdom teeth will likely cause problems for your healthy teeth and gums.

Having your wisdom teeth removed is an important step in keeping your smile healthy, straight, and decay-free for years to come!

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