David Garate, DDS


David Garate, DDS is the kind of dentist who truly believes in building relationships with patients. He graduated at the top of his class from UABC University, and graduated with honors from an international program at LaSalle University. Dr. Garate constantly studies the latest techniques and technology in dentistry to give you the very best results.

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[00:00:02.957] One of the reasons why I became a dentist is as a child, I had an accident. [00:00:07.030] I fell down and hit my front teeth [00:00:09.430] and I had many different issues growing up with those teeth. [00:00:14.157] As time passed, [00:00:15.880] since I had to visit the dentist multiple times for those teeth, [00:00:19.100] it got me interested in dentistry. [00:00:21.886] I started paying attention to teeth [00:00:23.350] and it's one of those things that led me to this today. [00:00:27.400] What I like about being a dentist is I like giving people back [00:00:31.018] their self-confidence, [00:00:32.415] make them feel natural, making them be able to smile again. [00:00:36.290] Every day is different. [00:00:38.200] I think each person is an individual. [00:00:41.271] While the procedures might be very similar, [00:00:43.201] every day has its own challenges and its own satisfactions. [00:00:47.550] I enjoy being a dentist simply because [00:00:51.814] I really like giving people back their smile.

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