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If you are experiencing a dental emergency, Perfect Smiles California will fit you in as soon as possible. We will work to alleviate pain and resolve the problem so you can get back to your routine. If you have a toothache, a tooth that has been knocked out or chipped, or another need you feel requires urgent attention, get in touch with us now for emergency dental care.

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[00:00:03.743] Our emergency treatment system the way it works is that if somebody calls [00:00:07.530] and it's a true emergency where they can't get out of work, [00:00:09.858] their life has stopped, [00:00:11.786] we're willing to fit them into the practice so they can come in, [00:00:15.471] and we can find out what's going on [00:00:17.500] and we can get that problem resolved as soon as possible. [00:00:20.181] The idea that if a patient comes in due to a dental emergency, [00:00:24.352] we are going to focus on making sure that we get them back [00:00:27.944] to resuming their life as soon as possible. [00:00:30.000] That can include the use of medications, [00:00:32.230] the several procedures to alleviate the cause of the pain. [00:00:35.900] We're going to focus right away on getting people to be able to eat and sleep [00:00:41.057] as soon as possible and get back to their routine. [00:00:44.086] Getting people taken care of on their emergencies [00:00:46.372] is very, very important. [00:00:47.901] People will remember who helped them in their worst moments. [00:00:51.329] Patients are very thankful that you got them out of pain, [00:00:53.972] out of discomfort, [00:00:55.386] or they're starting to feel that need taken care of.

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