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Chris first visited us because he lost a filling. Dr. Garate provided a crown, but also detected other issues that needed attention. In this dental care testimonial, Chris explains that he is glad he underwent further work by Perfect Smiles California, and that he felt completely informed and educated every step of the way.

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00:00:02.986] I originally came in here because I was eating corn nuts. [00:00:06.600] Noticed on the back of one of my teeth, there was a big gap there. [00:00:11.484] I was new to the town. [00:00:12.925] I happened to choose Dr. Garate, [00:00:16.125] and he came in and said, "Well, you lost a filling." [00:00:19.642] He finished the crown, and then he says, [00:00:23.025] "I noticed you have some cavities in the front. [00:00:25.668] All those cavities that you're getting in the front but not in the back [00:00:27.892] are caused by micro fractures in your teeth." [00:00:30.367] They said, "A lot of this stuff can be helped with braces, [00:00:35.483] because your teeth are just not mating properly." [00:00:39.267] I said, "All right, let's do it." [00:00:44.825] It's my time. [00:00:46.500] I took care of all my kids. [00:00:49.692] It's now time for me. [00:00:51.283] Whenever I had a question, Dr. Garate and Dr. Falcone, [00:00:54.525] their staff would take the time to answer. [00:00:57.275] Just real nice folks. [00:00:58.717] It's a pleasant atmosphere, pleasant people. [00:01:03.276] I don't dread going to the dentist.

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