Clear Aligners


Clear aligners can straighten your smile without the brackets and wires of braces. Dr. Garate uses digital technology to provide you with custom mouthpieces designed to move your teeth into proper alignment. You can even see a digital preview of the results before you finalize the treatment plan.

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[00:00:04.871] Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional braces [00:00:07.757] or fixed orthodontics. [00:00:09.030] The clear aligners are made via computer programming [00:00:12.071] where we design the case to move the teeth in a sequential manner. [00:00:15.720] Each aligner is going to focus on a certain type of movement [00:00:18.326] to force the teeth into the proper position. [00:00:21.271] I would say that most people can be a good candidate for clear aligners. [00:00:25.771] I'm actually a premier provider [00:00:27.114] with a couple of the main companies that provide clear aligners, [00:00:30.490] and you only achieve that status by doing a certain number of cases [00:00:34.719] and having the expertise to do the more complicated cases. [00:00:37.680] As the technology has increased in the 3D printing arena, [00:00:42.342] the materials have also gotten smarter, [00:00:44.667] so the clear aligners can do a lot more things these days [00:00:47.718] that they couldn't do in the past. [00:00:49.320] The treatment process is we take some X-rays, [00:00:51.343] we take digital scans, we take pictures, and then once the computer set up is done, [00:00:55.280] we see if the movements that are done will satisfy the patient's needs. [00:00:58.887] Once we approve the case, [00:01:00.290] the case is fabricated and it's 3D printed. [00:01:03.475] Then patient returns a few weeks later [00:01:06.683] and we start using the trays in a sequential manner. [00:01:09.440] People sometimes on certain occasions [00:01:12.300] for whatever reason, their job, their age, they don't want to wear braces, [00:01:18.800] and clear aligners have really come in to fill that void [00:01:21.758] to help people get a nicer, brighter, straighter smile.

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