Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Dr. Garate can provide wisdom tooth extraction if your third molars are impacted. Often, wisdom teeth do not erupt properly, which can cause pain, misalignment, and other issues. Following extraction, Dr. Garate will provide guidance to help you have a fast and comfortable recovery.

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[00:00:02.408] Wisdom teeth are third molars. [00:00:03.950] Lots of times, third molars are not able to properly come out, [00:00:07.542] or when they do come out, they come out in an improper position [00:00:10.993] and they're difficult to clean. [00:00:12.708] Most of the time people that have third molars that need to be extracted, [00:00:16.133] either an infection, a discomfort, swelling, [00:00:18.892] they have a tendency to be emergency patients. [00:00:21.300] Wisdom teeth can be extracted as a simple extraction like any other tooth. [00:00:25.558] If they already have it come out. [00:00:28.583] If they're stuck in the jawbones and there's a little bit more [00:00:31.283] invasiveness to the procedure, [00:00:33.183] some people prefer to get all four wisdom teeth taken out [00:00:36.008] and be put under general anesthesia. [00:00:37.950] Some people only want to get the actual wisdom tooth that's bothering them out. [00:00:42.817] So we have to evaluate each on a case by case basis. [00:00:45.825] Recovery can vary a lot depending on the severity of the case. [00:00:49.092] Here in the office, we have techniques to help people [00:00:51.425] minimize any postop inflammation, [00:00:54.333] depending on how invasive a wisdom tooth extraction needs to be, [00:00:58.483] determines the recuperation.

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