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Dr. Garate explains his approach to implant dentistry. You will have a thorough consultation with us to determine your needs and goals. We will then use advanced technology to perform an incredibly precise surgery and a result that provides maximum benefits.

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[00:00:02.720] Dental implant is a titanium-based post that gets placed in the position [00:00:08.101] or the place where there used to be a natural tooth. [00:00:10.415] A dental implant is the closest thing [00:00:12.301] that we can get to a natural tooth currently, [00:00:14.144] which gives them proper function, proper digestion, [00:00:17.715] and proper aesthetics. [00:00:19.415] We take the basic information, including their health history. [00:00:22.843] Then we obtain a little bit of information [00:00:25.458] from 3D CT scans, some X-rays, pictures. [00:00:28.301] We evaluate the site and the area, [00:00:30.729] and then we evaluate the whole overall mouth, [00:00:33.529] and we discuss the expectations with the patient. [00:00:36.315] Our implants are placed fully digital. [00:00:38.415] We use a 3D imaging technology [00:00:40.671] that gets fused with the digital scan that we take. [00:00:43.401] Those two get fused together, [00:00:45.015] and we produce an appliance that is specially measured [00:00:47.801] for the patient. [00:00:49.330] And we're able to pre-plan the implant on the computer and place the implant [00:00:54.444] with the least amount of trauma or with the most comfortable conditions, [00:00:58.786] focuses on quality implants [00:01:01.810] and at the same time, the most comfortable placement of the implants as possible. [00:01:06.430] And that's made possible by the use of latest technology.

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