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For Dr. Garate, the definition of "comprehensive dentistry" is making a patient completely healthy. His practice provides the treatments to give you a healthy smile foundation and correct issues such as missing or misaligned teeth. Perfect Smiles California can help you live a healthier life overall through comprehensive dentistry.

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[00:00:02.143] When we're talking about comprehensive dentistry, [00:00:04.031] we're really talking about getting someone completely healthy. [00:00:06.680] We focus on the support tissue, bone and gums, [00:00:09.634] tooth structures to make sure that they're all sound, [00:00:12.357] having a proper bite, replacing teeth that are missing. [00:00:16.040] And we make sure that people are able [00:00:18.461] to maintain their teeth in the short-term and the long-term. [00:00:21.920] If we have a healthy mouth, we're obviously going to have [00:00:25.172] less bacteria in our mouth, [00:00:27.257] which in turn is going to allow us to have [00:00:29.261] less bacteria going into our digestive system, [00:00:31.991] which is going to in turn is going to allow us [00:00:34.258] to have less digestive problems. [00:00:36.000] Bacteria inside the mouth on chronic infections [00:00:39.200] can enter the bloodstream and can cause many, many diseases [00:00:42.901] and many problems that a lot of people don't actually relate to the mouth. [00:00:47.090] The main thing is, if we have a full mouth of teeth, we're able to eat better [00:00:51.720] and we're able to have less bacteria in our body. [00:00:54.130] You will be a person that's overall healthier [00:00:57.171] and you will live longer.

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