Dr. Garate provides traditional braces to correct dental misalignment. From children to seniors, Dr. Garate can fashion a custom treatment plan using sophisticated technology. Under his care, you will receive attentive and friendly treatment from start to finish, and he can provide the attention you need to maintain your results.

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[00:00:04.057] Traditional orthodontics is the bonding of bracket or braces [00:00:07.386] that are commonly referred to. [00:00:08.858] These days, there are several types of brackets. [00:00:10.587] And all these brackets require a sequential series of wires [00:00:14.644] to force the teeth to move into the position, [00:00:16.930] where not only you end up with nice, beautiful aligned teeth, [00:00:20.786] but also nice functional teeth. [00:00:23.115] A good candidate for braces is a person that sees any type of issue [00:00:29.587] with their bite, with the alignment of their teeth, [00:00:32.771] as long as the health conditions allow. [00:00:35.329] The patient's mouth as far as the bone gums, healthy teeth, [00:00:40.843] anybody at any age can have braces. [00:00:43.343] It can be a person as young as 6 years old with certain types of appliances [00:00:47.814] to a patient that's 80 years old that needs certain teeth to be aligned [00:00:51.315] in order to allow any other procedure to fit inside the mouth. [00:00:55.601] We normally take a digital scan. [00:00:57.115] We look at the side view [00:00:58.658] to see the person's profile and their growth profile. [00:01:01.957] Then from there, we make a decision [00:01:03.301] on the type of treatment that we're going to be doing. [00:01:06.201] The main thing is, no matter how long it takes, [00:01:08.376] that the patient is as comfortable as possible [00:01:10.971] to make sure that they leave here happy.

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