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Perfect Smiles California in Chula Vista is a practice that will build a long-term relationship with your family to keep your smiles healthy and beautiful for a lifetime. From checkups to complex restorative work to dental emergencies, you can count on us for outstanding care. In this video, Dr. Garate explains what makes his practice the choice of families throughout Greater San Diego.

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[00:00:03.350] Dr. David Garate, I'm a dentist at Perfect Smiles, California. [00:00:08.033] I would say that what sets our office apart [00:00:12.100] is really the environment that we're trying to create. [00:00:15.267] We as a team focus on giving people quality dental care. [00:00:19.492] I think one of the things that patients communicate to me about the staff [00:00:22.858] is that they really like the fact that they're actually talked to. [00:00:26.550] In other words, they're not talked down to. [00:00:29.150] They're really here, that our staff is interested in hearing them out [00:00:35.033] and working with their concerns, [00:00:38.242] not only from a dental and medical standpoint, [00:00:40.442] but also from a financial and a personal standpoint. [00:00:42.909] We're always innovating, we're always following where technology is leading. [00:00:47.870] We're always trying to integrate that technology. [00:00:51.000] We depend a lot on the 3D CT scan technology to be able to view or visualize [00:00:56.825] more parts of the body that normally wouldn't be seen under normal conditions. [00:01:01.617] We do digital scanning for patients on their mouth, for their teeth. [00:01:05.350] A lot of people tell us that they've gone to many different dentists, [00:01:09.525] and they do get X rays, they do get sometimes told what they need, [00:01:12.950] but they never really see the pictures. [00:01:14.808] Our job here is to educate the patients and let them know what their options are [00:01:19.783] so they can make the best long term decisions for their health. [00:01:23.067] Probably the thing that gives me the most satisfaction [00:01:25.592] is when people say, I noticed a difference that you guys [00:01:29.533] really care about me and about getting me healthy.

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Perfect Smiles California

Our dentists use the latest technology and innovative techniques to help you and your family enjoy healthy smiles and optimal oral health. Our doctors are affiliated with professional associations including:

  • American Dental Association
  • California Dental Association
  • San Diego County Dental Society

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