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Mateo has been a patient of ours for more than two years. He is very happy with the results of his braces treatment. In this dentistry testimonial, he says he feels more confident and happy because of our care.

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[00:00:03.000] I've been coming for two and a half years and it's been amazing. [00:00:05.718] My teeth have never felt as great as they've been my entire life. [00:00:10.625] Cavities have been filled. I've not had any issues with them. [00:00:13.775] I think the thing that I've been most happy with is getting my braces. [00:00:17.825] It's very encompassing to me in terms of being able to have [00:00:22.650] a great front office, assistant staff. [00:00:25.817] But in addition to the two doctors Dr. Garate and Dr. Falcon, [00:00:29.658] being able to not only do the work for my typical cleanings, cavity fillings, [00:00:37.000] in addition to the cosmetics that they've been able to provide, has been amazing. [00:00:40.892] I just like to say thank you to the entire staff [00:00:43.900] and especially to Dr. Garate and Dr. Falcon [00:00:46.225] for being able to make me feel more confident, more happy, [00:00:49.642] and just being able to enjoy every day just and speaking with people. [00:00:52.833] It's definitely been a great experience. [00:00:55.208] Anyone that I know that needs dental work or that's looking for a dentist, [00:00:58.675] I would highly recommend that they come to perfect smiles. [00:01:00.676] They're going to be very happy that they made that decision. [00:01:04.092] Being able to speak with Dr. Falcon and Dr. Garate, [00:01:06.450] they're going to be very informed. [00:01:07.908] They're going to feel very comfortable [00:01:09.350] with the dental care that they're going to be receiving. [00:01:12.158] I think overall, they're going to be very happy with their experience.

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