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Dr. Garate's patients explain why they choose Perfect Smiles California. In these dental patient testimonials, you will hear about an office where patients not only feel welcome and comfortable, but also receive incredible dental care. We would love the chance to show you why we have so many happy patients.

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[00:00:02.508] What sets our office apart is really the environment that we're trying to create. [00:00:08.358] We, as a team, focus on giving people [00:00:10.917] quality dental care in a nice, comfortable environment. [00:00:15.292] One of my friends recommended it, and I came here and everyone's friendly, [00:00:19.601] professional, and it just felt like I was at home. [00:00:22.883] It's a pleasant atmosphere, pleasant people. [00:00:27.537] Probably the thing that gives me the most satisfaction [00:00:30.126] is when people say, I noticed a difference that you guys [00:00:34.042] really care about me and about getting me healthy. [00:00:37.850] I'm coming for two and a half years and it's been amazing. [00:00:40.309] My teeth have never felt as great as they've been my entire life. [00:00:44.967] When I came, I was treated with such care. [00:00:47.667] Anytime I have a question, they answer it. [00:00:49.908] I just know exactly what they're going to do. [00:00:52.300] So they've done great for my teeth. [00:00:54.933] Our staff is interested in hearing them out [00:00:58.533] and working with their concerns, [00:01:01.167] not only from a dental and medical standpoint, [00:01:03.425] but also from a financial and a personal standpoint. [00:01:05.783] It's very encompassing to me in terms of being able to have a great front office [00:01:12.764] assistant staff, [00:01:13.817] but in addition to the two doctors, Dr. Garate and Dr. Falcon, [00:01:17.683] being able to not only do the work for my typical cleanings, cavity fillings, [00:01:25.008] in addition to the cosmetics that they've been able to provide has been amazing. [00:01:28.717] Whenever I had a question, Dr. Garate and Dr. Falcon, their staff, [00:01:33.625] would take the time to answer it. [00:01:35.358] What would I tell someone if they really needed a dentist? [00:01:38.708] I'd tell them to come to Perfect Smiles.

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Our dentists use the latest technology and innovative techniques to help you and your family enjoy healthy smiles and optimal oral health. Our doctors are affiliated with professional associations including:

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